Find Out About 6 Programs That Can Give You Cash & Take Away Debt

There are a lot of government assistance programs you can apply to. There are some non-government programs that can help, too. You might not know about all the options that you have.

If you qualify, you can get free health insurance, help with paying your rent and free cash to spend on what you need. Find out more about your options below.

Learn How to Get Cash From the Government
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Section 8 gives vouchers to people who have trouble paying for rent. You can use housing vouchers on apartments, townhouses and other kinds of housing. The vouchers will pay for a big part of your rent.

To get a housing voucher from Section 8, you have to meet requirements. You have to live in the state where you apply and pick a house that is approved by the program. You have to make less than a certain amount of money, too.  If you meet these requirements, follow these steps:

  1. Start your application online or fill out a form in person.
  2. Include important information for everyone who lives with you, like names, Social Security Numbers and jobs.
  3. Include information about how much your family makes and how much you spend on taxes and other things like food, housing and transportation.
  4. Send in your application.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is another program you can apply for. TANF is free cash assistance for families. These benefits can be used on whatever you want. You can use TANF to pay for food, housing, clothes and more.

You can apply for TANF benefits online. You can fill out an application in person, too. If you want, you might be able to apply for food stamps at the same time.

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